Dimming of the Day: The Cricket Season of 1914

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Written by Simon Sweetman; foreword by Eric Midwinter
There is a peculiar poignancy about the cricket season of 1914. At the start of the season you could concentrate on the cricket (could Kent win the title again?) There were political worries about trade union militancy, the suffragettes and Ireland, but they did not include the possibility of a European war.
With the centenary of the outbreak there have been many books about 1914. Dimming of the Day is different in that it attempts to go through the season as it might have been experienced by a cricket follower at the time, from the usual early season hopes to the dismay of August as cricket seemed to become irrelevant, making substantial use of the newspapers of the year to give some feeling of the way things unfolded. It looks primarily at first-class cricket but does not forget the recreational game.
It also looks at the social divisions of the time as they were reflected through cricket and the way the newspapers reported the game. There is a foreword by Eric Midwinter which helps to set the year into its social and historical context.

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