Frank Gillingham: Clerical Cricketer or Cricketing Clergyman? SOLD OUT


by Anthony Bradbury

A stylish attacking batsman for Essex either side of the First World War and a London curate for many years, Frank Gillingham and his brand of ‘Muscular Christianity’ drew crowds both to watch him bat and hear him preach.

Born in Japan, his accomplishments included a double-century at Lord’s and duty as Chaplain to the Royal Household and two Lord Mayors of London. A kind and humorous man, Gillingham’s prowess as a speaker led to involvement in some of the first ‘live’ cricket radio broadcasts.

This is the story of how one man successfully pursued both his vocation and a lengthy career in county cricket.

Frank Gillingham is also available as part of three Cricketing Cleric packages: with George Raikes, with Reverend ES Carter, or as a hat-trick of all three clergymen.


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