A Game Emerging: Yorkshire Cricket before the coming of the All England Eleven


By Jeremy Lonsdale

William Clarke’s All England Eleven first appeared in Yorkshire in 1846, helping transform the game in the north of England, which had long lagged behind London and the south-east. Yet, while there is no doubt Clarke’s men played a crucial role in stimulating interest in cricket in Yorkshire, the game there was already more popular and better developed before their arrival than is usually recognised.

A Game Emerging examines how cricket spread in Yorkshire from the 1750s to the 1840s, and is the prequel to Jeremy’s 2017 book A Game Taken Seriously, which covered the second half of the 19th century. The two books are available together in a discounted package.

You can listen to an interview with Jeremy on YouTube.

Of the other volumes in this series, A Game Sustained: The impact of the First World War on cricket in Yorkshire 1914-20, has now sold out but is one of the ACS titles available as an ebook on Google Play, while A Game Divided: Triumphs and troubles in Yorkshire cricket in the 1920s is sold out.