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Cricket's Four Epochs, OFCA, WI 1999-2000 to 2006-07

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Our latest publication in the Cricket Witness series is Cricket’s Four Epochs: How cricket reflects civil society, Eric Midwinter’s study of how the style and timbre of cricket change along with the prevailing political economy and culture. It is also available in three discounted packages: Package 1, along with another Eric Midwinter books, Class Peace; Package 2, along with Andrew Hignell’s Cricketscapes; and Package 3, along with both Class Peace and Cricketscapes.

First-Class Matches: West Indies 1999/2000 to 2006/07 completes our coverage of previously ‘Hard to Get’ first-class scores from the West Indies. It is also available in a discounted package along with First-Class Matches: Trinidad & Guyana 1958/59 to 1989/90.

The Overseas First-Class Annual 2021 will be available shortly.

Among our other recent publications is George Macaulay: The Road to Sullom Voe, Giles Wilcock’s account of a complex and difficult man who played a key role in the great Yorkshire side of the 1920s but came to a tragic end during the Second World War. George Macaulay is also available in a Yorkshire Lives in Cricket package, along with Brian Sellers.

Some of our older publications are now on sale at a discount, including All Ten: The Ultimate Bowling Feat, The Summer Field, Cricket and Cannons (an account of cricket in the Crimean War), First-Class Cricket Matches 1951, and a couple of the International Cricket Year Books.

Of our other recent publications, First-Class Matches: Pakistan 1984/85 to 1986/87 is available on its own, or in a package of three books spanning 1975/76 to 1986-87, or along with the 1975/76 to 1979/80 volume, or along with 1980/81 to 1983/84.

All books published in the last year which remain in stock appear under Latest Publications. These include the highly praised Bill Bestwick: Rough Diamond, the story of the Derbyshire coal miner acquitted of manslaughter in 1907; 14 years later, aged 46, he claimed ten wickets in an innings, the oldest player to achieve the feat.

Fly at a higher game: The Story of TAL Whittington and the elevation of Glamorgan CCC into the County Championship, also available in a special Glamorgan Anniversary Package with The Daffodil Blooms, tells the story of Glamorgan’s first Championship title in 1948. The ACS International Cricket Year Book 2021 is in stock.

A Game Divided: Triumphs and troubles in Yorkshire in the 1920s, the third volume of Jeremy Lonsdale’s Yorkshire history, has been reprinted.

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Some of our older publications are now being made available via Google Play, including four from the Cricket Witness series and 29 Lives in Cricket.