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The ABC Tour: The South American Tour to Britain 1932, by Keith Walmsley

The ACS has launched a new series on Cricket Tours, beginning with Keith Walmsley’s The ABC Tour: The South American tour to Britain in 1932, which tells the story of a team of cricketers from Argentina, Brazil and Chile who played six first-class matches in the UK 90 years ago.

Cricket in Barham: Two hundred years of play in a Kentish village by Mark Chaloner

In Cricket in Barham: Two hundred years of play in a Kentish village, Mark Chaloner examines the history of one village club which played from 1813 to 2014, and the light it casts on the wider contexts of village life and the changing fortunes of the game in East Kent (currently out of stock but available from the author).

A Game Emerging: Yorkshire cricket before the coming of the All England Eleven

Earlier this year, in A Game Emerging: Yorkshire cricket before the coming of the All England Eleven, Jeremy Lonsdale extended his acclaimed series on Yorkshire cricket back to the 1750s, as he examines how cricket spread in Yorkshire before the arrival of William Clarke’s All England Eleven in 1846 transformed the game . A Game Emerging is also available in a discounted package with A Game Taken Seriously, which covers Yorkshire cricket in the second half of the 19th century.

Our summer offers include discounts on the Second Eleven Annuals, and on packages of Second Eleven Annuals for 2016 to 2019 and for 2016 to 2020; on Dorset Cricketers, Suffolk Cricketers, and a package combining both volumes; and on First-Class Cricket Matches 1952.

George Thompson: A Very Useful Man, by Andrew Radd

Our latest book in the Lives in Cricket series is Andrew Radd’s George Thompson: A Very Useful Man, the story of a ‘copper-bottomed local-sporting hero’ who propelled Northamptonshire into the County Championship before the First World War.

Minor Counties 1895-1914

The Minor Counties Championship 1895-1914 rounds off our series on the early ‘second-class’ competition by summarising the first 20 years of the Minor Counties Championship, and is also available in three discounted packages: Package A, with The Minor Counties Championship 1910, Package B, with The Minor Counties Championship 1911, or Package C, with both 1910 and 1911.

ACS International Cricket Year Book 2022: 37th edition

The ACS International Cricket Year Book 2022 is now available, and for the second year running the price has dropped, reflecting the fact that less cricket was played in 2020-21 because of the pandemic.

Second Eleven Annual 2022

Following a year off after the Covid-19 pandemic wiped out the Second Eleven competitions in 2020, the Second Eleven Annual 2022 resumes this popular series, providing potted scores for the Second Eleven matches of 2021 and biographical details on the players who appeared in them.

Cricket's Four Epochs: How cricket reflects civil society

Among our other recent publications is Cricket’s Four Epochs: How cricket reflects civil society, Eric Midwinter’s study of how the style and timbre of cricket change along with the prevailing political economy and culture. It is also available in a discounted package along with Andrew Hignell’s Cricketscapes.

Overseas First-Class Annual 2021

The Overseas First-Class Annual 2021 covers the pandemic-disrupted season of 2020-21.

All books published in the last year which remain in stock appear under Latest Publications.

Some of our older publications are now being made available via Google Play, including four from the Cricket Witness series and 29 Lives in Cricket.

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