Enid Bakewell: Coalminer’s Daughter – SOLD OUT


by Simon Sweetman
Enid Bakewell, one of England’s most successful and distinguished women cricketers, was the first women player to have an article about her in Wisden, in 1970, after an outstanding tour of Australasia. She is now the first female subject in the ACS Lives in Cricket series.
Simon Sweetman takes us through Enid’s playing career as an all-rounder and off the field as teacher and coach; and daughter, wife and mother. Articulate, approachable and a woman with firm roots in Nottinghamshire who has made friends across the world, she and her generation were true pioneers: when playing for the first time at Lord’s, they didn’t know if women would be allowed into the changing rooms.
Will she manage to play until she’s 80? Do not bet against it.

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