First-Class Matches: Pakistan 1980/81 to 1983/84


Edited by John Bryant
This, the sixth volume in the ACS’s series of ‘Hard to Get’ scores, covers a period when the structure of the game in Pakistan was beginning to assume something approaching its modern form. Following on from the volume published last year (covering 1975/76 to 1979/80), it continues the story of Pakistan cricket from the 1980/81 season to 1983/84.

The book contains full scores of 285 matches, together with full tables and a brief narrative introduction for each of the four seasons. The publication provides essential information for a crucial, but hitherto very poorly documented, phase in the development of one of the world’s leading cricketing nations.

It is also available in two discounted packages: Package D, along with First-Class Matches Pakistan 1975/76 to 1979/80 and First-Class Matches Pakistan 1984/85 to 1986/87, and Package F, along with First-Class Matches Pakistan 1984/85 to 1986/87.