The ABC Tour: The South American Tour to Britain 1932 SOLD OUT


By Keith Walmsley

Ninety years on, The ABC Tour is the first detailed look at the tour of Great Britain in 1932 by a team of cricketers from Argentina, Brazil and Chile, and is the first of a new occasional series of books from the ACS about less familiar cricket tours.

The South American side played six first-class matches, winning two of them, but economic and political conditions, both in Britain and in South America, meant that this was a never-to-be-repeated and easily forgotten tour.

At the time there were those who thought the side might not be far short of Test standard. Though their overall performance suggested that this wasn’t really true, the team – all of them ‘Anglos’ – had some memorable moments both on and off the field during their six weeks in Britain. The ABC Tour describes the background to the tour and its aftermath, as well as its cricket.

You can listen to an interview with Keith about the book on YouTube.


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