The Minor Counties Championship 1895-1914


Edited by Julian Lawton Smith, Stephen Musk and Peter Griffiths

To round off our series of books on the early ‘second-class’ competition, this book gives a summary of the first 20 years of the Minor Counties Championship. Records are included by county, and full averages for all players appearing in the competition are provided. It also incorporates much new information, not available in the annuals for the period, including additional player biographies, biographies of leading administrators and umpires, an analysis of the toss, and a review of the fortunes of the counties that were promoted to first-class status during this period.

This book is also available in three discounted packages: Package A, with The Minor Counties Championship 1910, Package B, with The Minor Counties Championship 1911, or Package C, with both 1910 and 1911.