West Indian Scores Package 3

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Compiled by Keith Walmsley

The ACS ‘Hard to Get’ series provides scorecards of first-class matches that have been difficult or impossible to obtain in print.

These three books cover 49 seasons in West Indian cricket, running from 1958/59 to 2006/07, and feature a total of 599 first-class scorecards.

West Indies 1989/90 to 1998/99 and West Indies 1999/2000 to 2006/07 contain scorecards of 518 first-class matches played in the West Indies from 1989/90 to 2006/07, a large proportion of which can otherwise only be found in less substantial publications such as newspapers and magazines.

They also include a brief narrative introducing each season, and league tables for each season’s domestic first-class competition.

West Indies: Internal first-class matches in Trinidad and Guyana 1958/59 to 1989/90 contains scorecards of 81 matches played in Trinidad and Guyana (such as North Trinidad against South Trinidad, or between the counties of Guyana) which were recognised as first-class and featured the first-class debuts of such big-name players as Carl Hooper, Roger Harper and Gus Logie.

First-Class Matches West Indies 1999/2000 to 2006/07 is also available in Package 1 with First-Class Matches Trinidad and Guyana 1958/59 to 1989/90 or in Package 2 with First-Class Matches West Indies 1989/90 to 1998/99.

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