West Indies: Internal first-class matches in Trinidad and Guyana 1958/59 to 1989/90 SOLD OUT


Edited by Keith Walmsley

This is the fifth volume in the series of ‘Hard to Get’ scores that the ACS is publishing in order to complete the printed record of the first-class game. It contains scorecards of 81 matches played in Trinidad and Guyana between sides from within each of those two territories – matches such as North Trinidad against South Trinidad, or between the counties of Guyana – which were recognised as first-class between 1958/59 and 1984/85 in Trinidad, and between 1971/72 and 1989/90 in Guyana.

Their scores have not been easy to find in print, even though they include the first-class debuts of such big-name players as Carl Hooper, Roger Harper and Gus Logie, among others. The book also includes detailed records arising from these matches, together with a description of the historical background to them, and brief scores of non-first-class matches between the same teams.

This book is now available in a discounted package with First-Class Matches West Indies 1999/2000 to 2006/07.

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